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An envelope full of dollars found intact in Amman international airport

An envelope full of dollars found intact in Amman international airport An envelope full of dollars found intact in Amman international airport
It’s all about a company’s ethics and culture

A white envelope full of dollars left on the floor of Amman international airport: what are the odds that it is actually returned intact to his /her owner? What would you do if you found it: take it and leave? Report it? Hand it back to its owner? This is a true story. To know what happened, read on.

On a cold January night, Raj, an employee of Libanet ME (ALS), an aviation industry services company, was going about his duties and doing a round in the airport. Libanet provides facilities management services to airports and aircrafts and the duty of the company is not only to make sure airports look clean, but also for all their facilities to be operational.

Raj was going about his duty meticulously in the large and bustling alleys of Queen Alia International Airport, when he came across a white envelop on the floor. Raj touched the envelope: it was soft and it also had a name on it. As a result, he did not throw it away but took it and headed directly to the “Lost and Found” department where he handed it to the security officer there. The latter asked Raj for a few details and then checked whether the name on the envelope was that of a passenger. Turned out it was. The traveler was called via the speakers and asked to come to the “Lost and Found” department. Once there, he was asked to see whether anything was missing in his belongings. He realized the white envelope was missing. He was asked what was inside the envelope and he gave an amount of US Dollars. The envelope was opened, the dollars counted: nothing was missing. The passenger thanked Raj and the security officer. Given ethics have become a rarity nowadays, the airport special security (ASS), the highest rank in the airports’ security officers in QAIA, sent a thank you letter to Libanet to acknowledge Raj’s exemplary behavior.

At Libanet, ethics are part of the company’s culture and DNA: not only we take care of the external aspect of an airport, but we also make sure that travelers feel secure traveling in airports where good principles as well as neat and operational surroundings are found. Raj did receive a monetary bonus from his employer, since just as bad deeds are punished, good ones are rewarded.