Libanet's exclusive airport and aircraft cleaning approach is unique in the MENA region exuding both strength and technical know-how and passes onto its customers the added value of an innovative operational concept.
The scope of our ancillary services also covers de-rubberizing, pest control, weeding, waste management, apron/taxiway/runway sweeping, aircraft spare parts cleaning and warehousing, catering unit cleaning and food service cleaning.

Airport cleaning
  • Terminal buildings: Usually, terminal buildings are the busiest areas of any airport. They are kept clean round the clock thanks to Libanet's advanced / high tech machines provided from HAKO and to our green products imported from Sucitesa – Spain.
  • Airport landside access road: As access roads constitute a vital part of the landside area of any airport, we make sure they are also kept tidy by our team members using industrial sweepers.
  • Glass and facade cleaning: Within our array of services, we offer glass and facade cleaning services for airport buildings and annex buildings. Our staff is trained to use different equipment for facade cleaning while keeping the highest level of safety & security.
  • First class and business lounge facilities services
  • Apron cleaning, degreasing, and demarking: Airport aprons get covered with grease very easily due to aircrafts loading, offloading, and when the aircraft is refueled or boarded. Leaving the apron slippery may cause various undesirable incidents. A pre-scheduled degreasing task is vital and is done regularly.
  • Maintenance: Plumbing, electric, and other maintenance services provided to the airports.