Aircraft cleaning & services
  • Interior cabin cleaning: interior cabin cleaning can go from a 10 minutes transit cleaning that is a particularly time sensitive process, to a full 8 hours deep cleaning that is done mostly in the hangar and where all inside aircraft details are meticulously attended to.
  • Cabin dressing & grooming: Libanet's teams change the aircraft headrest covers, blankets and pillows, replenish toiletries and restock seat pockets with in-flight magazines.
  • Exterior washing and polishing: Exterior washing is done in the hangar and the aircraft will have adequate time for the process to be completed. In the case of exterior wash, sensitive areas in the aircraft body are covered to avoid any water particles accumulation.
  • Post maintenance upkeeping: during this task, our team's job is to ensure aircraft components are maintained clean and safe after a maintenance check has been performed.
  • Workshop and hangar cleaning: hangar cleaning has also a major safety aspect in the aviation industry. Our high tech equipments help cut down on manning and on task time consumption while our green products help keep a safe environment as we have partnered with HAKO and Sucitesa.
  • A-Check: A-Check is performed approximately every 500 - 800 flight hours or 200 - 400 cycles. It needs about 20 - 50 man-hours and is usually performed overnight at an airport gate or hangar. The actual occurrence of this check varies by aircraft type, the cycle count (takeoff and landing is considered an aircraft "cycle"), or the number of hours flown since the last check. The occurrence can be delayed by the airline if certain predetermined conditions are met.
    Libanet assists at the main maintenance base of the airline where specialized manpower, materials, tooling, and hangar facilities are available.